Palo Verde Child & Family Services, Inc.
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Palo Verde Child & Family Services, Inc.

Palo Verde is a non-profit agency for individuals and families who are going through divorce or having issues with the divorce process. We are the original provider for the family court’s mandatory divorce classes (COPE).

Click Here to register now. In addition we provide various other Court Ordered Therapy, Supervised Visitation, Re unification, Parent Coordination and Cooperative Parenting.

We also provide general counseling for marriage & families, psychological issues, child behavioral problems and our Grandparents as Parents program.

The Family Court requires that any person going before that court must complete a mandatory seminar for separating parents, sometimescalled COPE or “Helping Children COPE with Divorce” Marriage and Family Issues Certified Child Behavior Specialists.
Adjustment Disorders 
Alcohol – Drug Issues 
Anxiety and Panic Disorders 
Victims of Crime 
Depression, Bi Polar Disorders 
Divorce, separation & grief Issues 
Court-Involved Counseling 
Marriage and Family Issues 
This program provides a safe, place for visits & exchanges between separating parents. Onsite, Off-site & Therapeutic Supervision 
Home Studies
Out of State Investigations (OSI)
Focused and Full Evaluations 
Parent Coordination, 
Family Reunification
Cooperative Parenting Groups 

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